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Never be alone again in your business.
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Speaking From Experience.

With 12 years being a Lone Leader, Grant Difford has experienced the low lows and the high highs of business. But it was when he finally focused on his purpose that things started to change. Welcome to theloneleader.com

Subjective level

Our goal is to understand, share and develop every aspect of you as a business owner, leader and most importantly as a person.

Individual level

Tools that every Lone Leader needs to become fulfilled. Business is not all about profit, but the choices you can make for yourself.

Group level

We bring together the tribe of Lone Leaders to ensure that no one feels alone in their business ever again.

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Never be alone again in your business.

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What our community members say:

"With Grant’s help and support, in a short space of time, I have a super clear direction on where I’m heading."

Dan Lacey

"It just works. I'm not sure what to say, working with Grant and his tools, just works."

Max Perakura

"If you want an honest assessment of your business position and opportunities, with enough kindness to help you hear the truth, I recommend Grant."

Mary Crampton

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The Lone Leader Podcast

Uncensored thoughts on being in business. Not the theoretical stuff, the real stuff that no one wants to talk about.
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